Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm Baaaack

Okay, so I haven't posted on this blog since 2005. Ca anyone blame me? It's been heell being a Seattle Mariners fan these past few years, plus the guys at USSM do this stuff soo much better than I can.

Still, I'm optimistic. The Mariners appear to be close to signing Jose Guillen and John Thomson, and I view these as positive moves. I was excited about the possibility of Luis Gonzalez, but Jose Guillen is SO much better. Now if we can just get Guillen and Thomson through their medicals, sign them, then sign Jason Schmidt, I feel we'll
start to begin the work that Bavaasi started a couple years ago when we signed Sexson and Beltre.

In an ideal Mariners world, a world in which both Thomson and Guillen prove to be health and even 75% of their former selves, and if we sign Schmidt, we may look like this:

Starting pitchers:

1. Jason Schmidt
2. Jarrod Washburn
3. Felix Rodriguez
4. John Thomson
5. Jake Woods/Cha Seung Baek

Batting order:

1. Ichiro CF L
2. Lopez 2b R
3. Beltre 3b R
4. Guillen RF R
5. Sexson 1b R
6. Ibanez LF L
7. Broussard DH L
8. Johjima C R
9. Betancourt SS R

That's a heck of a batting order... besides the three listed, Hargrove could bat Ibanez, Broussard, or Johjima anywhere from third to fifth in the order, and either Johjima or Betancourt could bat second. Ibanezand Broussard could be sandwiched in between all the right handed hitters against tough RHPs:

1. Ichiro CF L
2. Lopez 2b R
3. Ibanez LF L
4. Guillen RF R
5. Broussard DH L
6. Sexson 1b R
7. Beltre 3b R
8. Johjima C R
9. Betancourt SS R

Over all, this is exciting stuff, bt, of course, we will see how this all plays out.


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