Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Curse Of The Ancient Mariner

Man, it's time for me to post again. Have to do it every 3 months or so. In recent posts, I praised Aaron Sele, Jeff Nelson, and even Dave Hansen. What was I thinking?
For the second year in a row we enter August with no expectations whatsoever. No tricking ourselves into believing that we are NOT gonna win another 99 games.
Hey, at least we'll get another high draft pick. Maybe we can draft yet another high school shortstop.
At least last year we had Bucky.
This year we'll have King Felix... with NO run support. Let us hope that going 2 - 8 doesn't freak Felix out and turn him into Freddie Garcia II.
Last year we learned that Blackley, Dobbs, Leone, and other "can't miss" prospects basically suck.
Who's it gonna be this year?
And WHEN is Scott Spiezio gonna go away?

I'm beginning to believe in the Curse Of The Mariner Bench. M's sign a reasonably good player a year or so past his prime, sit him on the Cursed Mariner Bench.... boom! Can't hit anymore.

That's what we get for killing the albatross.