Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Swung on and Beltrayed!

It's been nearly a week now since the Good Ship Mariner put some wind in her sails with the stunning double signings of First Baseman Richmond 'Richie' Sexson and Third Baseman Adrian Beltre. Many M's fans, especially those dedicated bloggers out there, have weighed in as to whether these were good signings or not. Most agree that Beltre was a great pick-up. Many are not sure about Sexson.

As a lifelong baseball fanatic and Mariners fan, I think that there is no such thing as a sure bet. Ya gotta have hope. Remember how mind-blowing it was when we aquired Kevin Mitchell? The sportswriters were throwing out names for the outfield tandem of Mitchell, Griffey, and Buhner. They were calling them the "100 homerun outfield' 'The Puget Power Company' etc. That all looks good on posters. They even MADE a poster with Mitch, The Kid, and Bone glaring menacingly at the photographer amidst a stack of crates marked TNT (left over from a Bugs Bunny cartoon, no doubt.) They also made a poster of the M's touted 'Young Guns' rotation with Unit, Holman, Hanson, and Bankhead wearing six-guns-and-holsters over their Jeff Smulyan era home uniforms. Scott Bankhead? What, was Rich DeLucia too sick for the photo shoot?

It just goes to show you that "Ya never know."

Luckily, position players/hitters are more dependable than pitching. Free agent stud pitchers have this nasty way of tearing their rotator cuffs, labrums, what have you. Hitters are usually less fragile.

I hope that Richie and Adrian work out well. They both have decent spits against righthanded pitching, Beltre even hits better against RHPs than LHPs, and Sexson has done well against RHPs, also. What this means for new skipper Mike Hargrove is that he needn't worry about hitting Beltre and Sexson third and fourth against righthanded pitching. Grover need not sandwich a lefthanded hitter between the two. That's good news. All we need is the other teams' managers stacking up righty after righty against the heart of the order. I do agree, however, that this situation does place lefty or switch hitters at a premium. Keep Randy Winn. Platoon him at DH with Bucky Jacobsen. It's not just Sexson and Beltre we have to consider. All of our prime sources of power... Beltre, Sexson, Boone, Jacobsen ... bat righthanded.

Is it too late to bring in the leftfield fence about 50 feet?


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